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Wiracocha and Raimondi Stela - copper and bronze plate

Wiracocha and Raimondi Stela - copper and bronze plate

Angel Franco pays homage to Inca and Chavin beliefs with the design of this decorative copper and bronze plate. Detailed in low relief are the Raimondi stela on the left, and Lord Wiracocha. The stela depicts a fierce-looking feline divinity holding two staffs and wearing an elaborate headdress. The original, in Peru's National Museum of Anthropology, Archeology and History, shows the smiling face of a reptile when flipped upside-down, symbolizing the Andean concern with duality. Wiracocha is the Inca lord creator, the supreme deity in the Inca Pantheon. He is also regarded as the substance from which all things are created.

  • 0.4 lbs
  • 7.75" Diam.
  • Copper and bronze
  • Do not use abrasives
  • Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Made in Peru, ships from US

"I was born January 27, 1949 in Parinacochas, Ayacucho where I grew up with my parents and siblings. My father was a goldsmith and I inherited my love for art from him. I married very young so I had to start working on my own. I kept all this from my family and, when they found out about it, they kicked me out of the house. So I found a job in the workshop of an acquaintance. I didn't have any tools and the person that helped me tremendously was a friend who gave me great support.

One of my favorite hobbies is traveling, getting to know my own country as well as other countries and their cultures. I'd describe my art as a way of capturing all my effort and dedication toward my family. I began working to provide for them and I continue to do so. What motivates me is that I want to learn more about my ancestors and our cultural legacy. What I want to transmit is everything that ancient Peruvian cultures left for the world – I want everyone to know these great artisans and their creations.

This art means a lot in my life – it is how I support my family and is also my passion. My greatest challenge is to always give my all for my family and to understand my wife so as to be a good example to our children.Thank you for putting your faith in artisans and our completely handmade creations. I send you a big hug and may God bless you."

-Angel Franco

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