Collection: cactus seeds

This is how I use the following terms:

Open Pollinated - Pollinated with no assistance from humans. Many types of bees and bugs visit the cactus flowers and spread pollen among them.

Closed Pollinated - Intentional pollination controlled by humans. Clean nylon stockings are placed on the flower to hold it closed until time is ready. The nylon is removed, pollen is placed on the stigma, and the nylon stocking is quickly replaced before other animals enter the flower. 

Intentional Open Pollinated - Intentional pollination by humans, but the flower has been left open to possible additional pollination from the bees. 

x ? - there was an intentional pollination by humans, but at some point during the months of pollination, fruiting, and harvesting the identity of the pollen donor was lost, may be Closed Pollinated or Intentional Open Pollinated

public domain pledge:

All seeds are supplied solely under the following conditions: We expressly prohibit the use of any seeds supplied by us, or their progeny, in any form of genetic engineering, breeding, or research which will result in any form of life patent, variety protection, trademarks, breeder’s rights or any form of intellectual property applied to living things which would compromise the Public Domain status of the seeds, plants, their progeny and any genetic material therein. We expressly prohibit the transfer to any third party of any seeds, plants, their progeny or any portion of their genetic material without these prohibitions in place.