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TBM cl. A long form

TBM cl. A long form

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long form TBM cl. A, reverts available on occasion

revert tip cutting i3 shows some areoles with flowers that have already appeared and some areoles with flowers developing - I cannot guarantee the current one will fully develop, and it may even fall off during shipping


some cuttings have standard bridge fungal spots and black blisters but are healthy and will readily grow 

Cl. A tends to grow long sections and has been grown in cactus collections for decades. First origin of this plant is unsure. 

There are two forms of TBM that are most common - one produces short segments and the other produces long segments. At one point Sacred Succulents began referring to the long form as cl. A and the short form as cl. B. Sacred Succulents has also named a cl.  C and cl. D. C and D tend to have a melted wax type growth rather than the distinct segment growth of A and B.

2023 will be the third year of TBM cl A flowers at Cactus Affinity with many buds appearing in early April 2023 and the first flowers blooming in June

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