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Snap Clamps for EMT Pipe

Snap Clamps for EMT Pipe

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For EMT Pipe

Easily build your own greenhouse with snap clamps!

Snap Clamps securely attach shade cloth, greenhouse plastic film, chicken wire, tarps, and many other items to all sizes of metal EMT pipes. Made out of ABS plastic and UV stabilized to withstand intense sunlight. 

Sold in packs of 10 clamps, except 2 1/2" which comes with 8 clamps.

Heavy Duty snap clamps hold tight and are the only clamps I use for outdoor purposes. They are available in green and white color.
Easy Duty snap clamps don't hold quite as tight but can be useful when the clamps need to be installed and removed frequently. 

FREE SHIPPING on all snap clamps and hinges.  

(The PVC and EMT clamps are the exact same, e.g. the 1/2" PVC clamp is the same as the 3/4" EMT clamp.)

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