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Nightlights - large

Nightlights - large

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"Dear night lights that protect my sleeping children, burn clear and steadfast tonight."

-quote from Peter Pan, 1960

Handcrafted night light with on/off switch, 4-watt bulb. Made of hydrostone and epoxy resin. Packaged in 5''x2''x5'' box with design stamp on lid. UL listed item. Small night lights also available.


Spot Light Designs is one artist/craftsman, Kevin Aguilar, and a handful of workers producing handcrafted plaster-cast items from rubber molds. He makes unique hand-crafted “ARTifacts for the 21st Century” out of hydrostone and epoxy resin. He designs, prototypes, and produces the finished products all in his San Bernardino, California studio. The only items not made in the studio are the light bulbs, switches, and boxes. 

For one who was afraid of the dark, I have made a business out of making life brighter 1 watt at a time. At Spot Light Designs we have a night light just right for every spot you've got!  

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