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cuttings from plants given to me by Joe Lev

"Here is the origin of the super hero know as 'lumberjack" It never ceases to amaze me that my little joke has become common parlance in the ethnobot underground.

I went out to this bill collectors office in Rancho Cordova, CA to give up some blood money. Leaving I saw a big Lumberjack building supply store. I was fairly new at growing cacti, I think I was still looking for my first [peru], I probably just had a few [pachs] and maybe my first WOH which was sold as a [peru], but really looks nothing like one. I go out to the garden area and spot what looked to me like a [pach] but with wicked big spines. It was in a large plastic pot , had several columns about 3 ft high. I think I paid about $45 for it. …

As I learned more, I saw that it appears to be a [peru]/[bridge] cross. Like a fat bridg or a [peru] with less spines per pad. It's a fast grower, but doesn't seem to grow as tall as a [pach]. It flowers occasionally, and once I got it to cross with a [pach]. Sometimes the new growth has a beautiful blue color that love.

When I started trading it I gave it a fake latin name, "lumberjackius", which people soon shortened to "lumberjackus" and then "lumberjack""

-Joe Lev

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