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Chloe the Cactus dog toy

Chloe the Cactus dog toy

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Chloe the Cactus is winking her way into all of our hearts with her beautiful red flower. Toy contains crinkle and squeak and is made wwith recycled water bottles. An immediate favorite for my little Benson.

Chloe the Cactus is an innovative and interactive dog toy for fun-loving dogs. Designed to epitomize the official mission of the Snugarooz brand: "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™" Snugarooz Plush Toys are crafted to squeak and crinkle their way into every furry heart.  

Created from safe, non-toxic materials with durable construction throughout. Our plush toys are made with environmentally friendly materials. With the purchase of these toys you can feel like you are helping sustain the planets natural resources.  

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