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Wiracocha and Raimondi Stela - Copper Bronze Decorative Plate

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Angel Franco pays homage to Inca and Chavin beliefs with the design of this decorative copper and bronze plate. Detailed in low relief are the Raimondi stela on the left, and Lord Wiracocha. The stela depicts a fierce-looking feline divinity holding two staffs and wearing an elaborate headdress. The original, in Peru's National Museum of Anthropology, Archeology and History, shows the smiling face of a reptile when flipped upside-down, symbolizing the Andean concern with duality. Wiracocha is the Inca lord creator, the supreme deity in the Inca Pantheon. He is also regarded as the substance from which all things are created.

  • 0.4 lbs
  • 7.75" Diam.
  • Copper and bronze
  • Do not use abrasives
  • Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Made in Peru, ships from US