sunny day dripline installation

I spent a long day today installing dripline but I took some breaks to take some photos. With the drought in California I've only watered twice this year - once in June and once in July. The plants are not too happy about it though so I'm going to water more often but more efficiently. 

Trichocereus scopulicola FR991 from M. S. Smith clearly looking thirsty.

Help is on the way!

I'm using Netafim heavywall dripline with .62 gph emitters built in every 2'. Lines spaced throughout the yard at 2' spacing. Over the next few months I'll cover all the lines with with chips and mulch. I've got a fertilizer injector hooked up to add kelp and fish to the water.

A few shots of a Trichocereus peruvianus (cuzcoensis) KK338 from Sacred Succulents. I've really been enjoying the looks of this one lately.

Oddly enough these pups are coming out a few feet off the ground, midway up the plant.

A Trichocereus pachanoi 'PC' with some unhealthy thin growth when I planted it. The thin columns fell over soon after planting and they've been snaking around for a couple years now. It may be time for them to start growing upright again.

Around 2001 I bought about eight 2' seedlings of Trichocereus bridgesii from Sacred Succulents. I've got them all lumped together as T. bridgesii JS31 for my collection. Pictures below come from three of these in my garden. I think most of the differences seen in these are environmental - with some getting far more shade than others. 




Somewhere in between shady and sunny.

Somewhere in between shady and sunny.

Trichocereus aff. pachanoi Hutchison 6212 BBG 64.0762 through Sacred Succulents. I've got this scale problem on only two of my plants - both clones from the Berkeley Botanical Garden. I haven't done anything to treat it and while it's spread on this plant it hasn't spread to others. 

Trichocereus bridgesii 'Eileen'. 

Trichocereus peruvianus BBG 48.1540 I purchased at the Berkeley Botanical Garden.

T. uyupampensis? BBG 60.0450 through Sacred Succulents.

A couple Lumberjackius from JRL.

I call this one Trichocereus sp. Ohlone because I got it from the man who planted all the cactuses at Ohlone College in Fremont. I got a few from him but this is the nicest of the bunch.

An interesting Trichocereus terscheckii seedling from joecactusmt on ebay. Flimsy thin spines.

Lot's of cicadas on the cactuses this year. Verne's San Pedro x Preruvianus hybrid.

Trichocereus bridgesii RS0005 'Eusaporus' from Kakster showing some monstrose growth this year.

A Trichocereus pachanoi from Cactario Maipu in Santiago, Chile. It was only about 12" (30cm) when I got it as an unrooted cutting in November 2012. Here it is now at 66" (168 cm) in July 2015.

And here it is just over a year ago in April 2014.

And here's tomorrow's project. That tree in the back is severely rotting at the base and will be coming out next week. I've got to dig up all these cactuses pictured along with several others to clear some room for it to come down. At least 50 cactuses in total will need to be dug up. I'm sad to lose a big tree on my property, but I am pretty excited about the additional sunshine I'll get for my cactuses. Replacements for the tree are already growing as well. There's a Monkey Puzzle Tree and an Acacia (obtusifolia? longifolia? I forget which seeds I threw out there) already going in that corner.