Trichocereus glaucus (SS)

This is a highly active cactus. This Trichocereus glaucus from Sacred Succulents started out upright when I noticed it falling over.

Here it is on 3/25/15.

On 3/30/15 I took a look at it early in the morning. It was still dark so I didn't get a picture, but it was standing straight up again! No problem, I thought. I'll just get a picture later that day.

And here it is on the evening of 3/30/15. Too far!

By 4/2/15 it had started climbing again.

Making great progress by 4/4/15.

Still climbing on 4/10/15.

Almost there on 4/13/15 at 6:40 AM.

6:40 AM? Why the need for times all of the sudden? Here it is that same day, 4/13/15 at 7:15 PM.

Oh no! But by 4/19/15 it was headed back up.

This hasn't been all fun and games for the plant.

Here we are on 4/22/15.

And on 5/1/15.

And today on 6/5/15.

Looks like the tip is thinning out due to a lack of sun.

6/12/15 - Son of a...


I've seen some speculation that Sacred Succulents' T. glaucus is the same as T. chalaensis. Here's a plant I got from Sacred Succulents back around 2001 that I consider to be T. chalaensis. It's currently about 14' (4.25m) tall and has never bent over for me. The diameter is also significantly thicker than my T. glaucus but that could be explained by it having been in the ground a lot longer.