In June 2008 I was settled down enough to start planting in the ground. Where there once was lawn I spent months hand digging and pulling out the grass, roots and all. I put up 4" (10 cm) walls and added a couple hundred cubic feet (5 cubic meters) of steer manure and a dozen cubic feet (.3 cubic meters) of perlite. It was a lot of labor preparing the bed but all the prep work has caused it to remain remarkably weed free. When the day came to plant, a tremendous lightning storm was in the distance. No rain though, so I stuck it out and got everything in the ground. This was the start of the Summer 2008 California Wildfires leaving intensely smoky skies for almost three months.

From topmost left heading clockwise:
T. peruvianus short spine monstrose
T. terscheckii from Poot's
T. pachanoi 'PC'
T. terscheckii from Altman's
T. peruvianus (cuzcoensis?) JS04 (topmost right)
T. macrogonus RS0004
T. grandiflorus (now moved to a new location)
Lophocereus schotti monstrose (deceased)
T. candicans?
T. cuzcoensis? JS03 from BBG
Sceletium tortuosom (now deceased)
T. bridgesii monstrose cl. B (now deceased)
T. grandiflorus (now moved to a new location)
T. grandiflorus (now moved to a new location)
T. peruvianus MB01 (bottom right between the roses)