Development of a Trichocereus pachanoi monstrose

I came home 2/21/15 to find a large Trichocereus pachanoi monstrose column had fallen over. 


I went through some old pictures to see how the plant looked a few years ago. Here you can see on 8/17/12 when the column was just splitting into two and the crest just beginning to form.


And a few months later on 4/20/13.


And here's the crest coming along nicely on 2/21/15.

UPDATE 3/25/15

Well, the other two columns have snapped off and a third small one is barely hanging on.  


It comes down to just the crest.


Crest development as of 6/30/15.

Crest on 9/16/15. It's gotten a bit discolored due to the removal of a tree that provided afternoon shade.